Ffff I keep seeing twinfools and vandorwolf around the convention and im way too nervous to say hi—

NOOOOO :( I hope we got to meet in the end? if not then I hope I’ll get to see you at another con? I don’t bite I promise!

Easter 2014


So I find this to be one of the best Easters I’ve ever had, only because last Sakuracon, I photographed a Howl and a Sophie cosplayer, thinking, “Wow, these two are really spot-on!”

Who knew that a whole year later, they would become one of my most favorite discoveries on Youtube and Tumblr.

What are the chances eh? THANK YOU SO MUCH for those amazing compliments and for liking our work, it’s a huge honour to hear that :3 Thank you!!! Happy Easter to you and I hope we’ll get to meet again and chat next time now that we know *as in the internet sense of “knowing” each other but meh* each other :3



So I’m tried, sweaty, and refusing to take off makeup. What on earth could this be the results of? FAN EXPO, that’s what! So Today some friends and i went to Vancouver’s Fan expo, and I went as Jade from homestuck, aka that homestuck AU where everything’s exactly the same except Jade wears a…

Aw nooo :( I’m so sorry I missed seeing you at FanExpo! Sounds like you had an absolutely incredible time :) I guess I’m getting the chance to say hello to you on tumblr after the fact so hello!!! 8D Next time you see me around please don’t hesitate to say hello! I’d love it if you did