caffeinated-cameron asked
So I came out to my childhood friend yesterday. She was super open to the idea, but had trouble wrapping her head around it initially. But then after a few minutes, she was like "oh, you mean you're like that guy from that Naruto cosplay group? Fighting Dreamers Pro or something? One of the guys was born as a female, but he transitioned to a male." And I was like "omg you mean Lucas? Yeah that's exactly how I am." Having somebody to use as an example made the conversation 110% easier. Thanks :D

Congrats on coming out to your childhood friend! I’m happy to hear that it ended up going swimmingly by the sounds of it :)

Examples ROCK! I wouldn’t be able to explain anything without them (simile/metaphor superfan right here XD)

So happy for your, man :)

notwosnowflakesarealike asked
Dude..gosh I hope this doesn't sound weird but you're just hella attractive. go you and that handsome face! ^_^

Thank you so much!! Not weird at all, very flattering in fact :)

Love you icon btw ;D

Anonymous asked
What is your sexuality?

I’m straight :)

dadisthatu asked
hi twin! could you help me with something? im trying to style sasukes wig and im having a little trouble with the duck butt could you give me any advice??

I suggest bushing it out, spraying it with got 2 B and then holding it in the position you want it to be. Once dry, back comb it, brush it out and this time repeat for real! It should be much easier to manipulate this time.

At this point I usually spray into the wig then quickly use my hands to hold and gently shape the duck butt (HAHAHA what a weird sentence„,). Remember not to use too much product or spike.compress hair too much!  Sculpting the wig, as described above, will help create more volume and a less “stringy” or “plastic” look.

Best of luck!!!

(if you have any questions/clarifications please don’t hesitate to ask!)

xnopity4acoward asked
I know you slowly gradually increase your dose the more your on t, are u still increasing or have you stopped?

I’ve been on the same dose for the past 3 years or so :)