epicmuttonchops asked
your TMNT Leonardo looks so much like Darryl Dixon (Walking Dead)

Really?? I personally don’t see it but oddly that’s not the first time I’ve been told that. I’ll take it as a compliment! :3

zodiacleopard asked
Omg. Wow. Ok, I'm sorry. You just popped up on my dash and I thought, 'Huh, that username sound familiar', so I clicked on your blog and omg. I used to watch you on Youtube WAY back in the day. I remember when you were just starting on T. You've come so far since then and I'm so proud and so happy for you omg. I'm sorry, I know this is p weird and out of the blue, but I'm so glad.

Thank you so much!!! I know that I get great joy in reconnecting with people/things I followed back in the day so welcome back! Thanks for checking in and sending such supportive words my way ^_^ Hope you’ve been doing well (and btw I adore your icon!!!)

Anonymous asked
Hey Lucas :) Just wondering, what foundation/concealer/powder etc do you use to make your skin look so flawless in cosplay shoots? Loving your cosplays as ever, and hoping that my Hinata can meet your Tobio one day :3 (If you come back over to England, that is) Oh, and please answer this privately as I don't go on Tumblr very often and would probably miss your response OTL Thanks for the help :)

Hello! :) I’m afraid I can’t respond privately because you’re on Anon :( so I hope you see this!

I use Pur Minerals foundation because my skin can be sensitive and I’ve found it to be a good brand for folks with temperamental skin.

Also Photoshop. HAHAHA. No gonna lie I use the heal tool to zap out blemishes that show through makeup. No shame XD 

I hope we can play volleyball together!!! >8D I’ll keep in mind to bring Kageyama if we ever make it over to England again :3 Fingers crossed! 

Candid photo by JuneLaine Photography from Animethon last year. :3 I miss this hair :S

Candid photo by JuneLaine Photography from Animethon last year. :3 I miss this hair :S