wolftale asked
I didn't realize you had proposed to Nova! Congrats to the both of you! Did anyone by chance catch the proposal on video?

Thank you! :)

Funny story! I was filmed and we also had a photographer friend there to take some photos. BUT, in some eerie twist of fate, the video wasn’t recording (so not footage) and out friend’s memory card mysteriously wiped itself (deleting all of his photos from that day). I think only one photo remains that was taken on someone’s point and shoot. At first i was upset about it, but then a friend shrugged and said “well i guess that goes to show that it was meant to be a moment between you, Nova and your close friends and people who have helped you along the way”. 

  1. o-hale said: oh my god this is adorable
  2. forgivemesasuke said: Awww x3
  3. pixelatedbukakke said: At least you have each other as proof XP
  4. cmoncarolina said: I didn’t know either! Congrats, Twin! <33
  5. lynxsie-shadow said: omg i didn’t know either. dawwwwww congrats!!
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