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On behalf of all cosplay fans in the lower mainland, traveling to cons is great, just don't stop going to the local ones. xD My friends didn't hear the end of it for weeks after I met you at fan expo, and I love to think that my hero isn't that far away.

Lower mainland? Dude you and I are CLOSE XD

Of course! We will never stop going to our local cons. I was kinda choked that we didn’t get to enjoy FanExpo to it’s fullest because we were just so “conned out” (3 weekends, 3 cons +international travel proved to be a little much by the time we got to FanExpo XD). We’re guesting at both Anime Revolution and Cos and Effect so we’ll be at both those cons and we’re really excited about our plans for them. I hope to see you again at at least one of those cons ;) Hopefully both! And maybe I’ll get to meet your friends too :)

I know that personally I’d like to go to MiniComi again this year as well. So with a little luck Nova and I will be there too :)

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