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Hey Lucas! I just wanted to say how much I love you and everyone in FDP for being so amazing at, well, everything. c: But I also wanted to thank you specifically for being such a great role model and being such an amazing source of inspiration. Watching you go through your transition really motivated me, even though I'm not trans it just I don't know to see someone make it out pretty good motivates me in life when things get tough. <3 I hope to see you guys at Sakura-Con next year! c:

Hi there! 8D

Thank you so much! Thank you for supporting us, it means so much to us that people like what we do and we’re constantly in awe of our followers/supports/subscribers. We’re the ones who should be thanking you ;) so thank you! (3 thanks you’s in 3 sentances… XD).

I’m also glad that you could take something from my posts about my transition, even as a non-trans person. I put stuff about that up in the hopes that some good may come out of it :)

Hope to see you at Sakura Con too! 8D Perhaps we’ll see you at Aki Con too? (I’m assuming you’re a Seattle/Washington native here but I could be completely wrong XD)

Thanks again for your wonderful message!

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