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Hey lucas, im sure that you get this alot but you have been inspirational for all beginers of cosplayers. Not only that you've help others get through troubled times, through your helpful advinces.Which just makes you an amazing person. Anyway my question is what are somethings that a begginer cosplayer needs to know about getting a good quality wig? Also do you mind if i do a fanart of you & nova?

Hello! 8D

Thank you so much :)I’m glad that you like what I post and thank you so much for your support!

I usually get my wigs from Fantasy Sheep (and Ebay seller). I also search on Ebay for wigs (search: “name of character” and wig, if that doesn’t show anything search for a character from another series with similar hair). One thing to be aware of is the respectability of a seller (check out their ratings) and whether or not their picture for display is stolen. If it’s a photo of a cosplayer, probably good to abstain. Unless it shows pictures of the wig in detail it can be rather sketchy.

You can also try cosplay.com/shopping (we get a wig called “Punky” from them and use it for lots of stuff :). There’s also Arda wigs, I’ve never ordered from them but I hear they are good!

And no, I wouldn’t mind at all! I’m be honoured if you made fanart of us! That would be so cool! 8D

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