We’re over 80,000!?!?!!?!

I had noticed that our subscriber count on the FDP Youtube account was getting close to hitting 80,000 last week but I figured that we had until after N2U before that happened. Yesterday I logged into the FDP Youtube account and realized (after a while because I’m always the last horse to cross the finish line XD) that we had hit 80,000!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! According to a 2005 census the city of Yalta has a population of 79, 982… THEREFORE, if we were ever challenged to a square dance by the city of Yalta WE COULD PAIR UP SORTA EVENLY 8D

But seriously… I love you guys. You’ve given us so much support whether it’s through comments, drawings/gifts, notes, favourites/likes/retweets/reblogs, coming up to us to say hello at cons and even going out of your way to ask your local cons to invite us as guests… if I think about it for too long it blows my mind. It’s incredible to me that there are people out there who like what we do and who we are. We make videos/cosplay for the entertainment it brings you guys as well as the fun it brings to us. SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP (I think… not sure cause Bio was never my forte). This isn’t about profit, we’ll never ask you for a dime for ourselves. As I always say to people who ask why we don’t take donations for the group: that’s your money to spend on your enjoyment, you guys shouldn’t ever be expected to pay for someone else’s fun. The sheer honour of having one person like our work is payment enough for us. And I know I use the word honour a lot, but that’s really what it is, it’s an absolute honour and I am humbled and deeply moved.

I never thought I’d be here. Especially me, the one with mediocre/lazy sewing skills, a speech impediment that can make acting/public speaking difficult, very little artistic skill to speak of and general average-ness… how did this happen? Not a clue. But the experience has thus far allowed me to meet and talk to more amazing people from all over the world than I can count. I can’t thank you guys enough for your support over the past five years and I hope for your continued support as we bring out new cosplays, new episodes, new skits, new CMVs and new shows from fimiliar and un-fimiliar series’. We’re constantly trying new things, so thank you for staying with us through the things that work as well as the things that don’t work.

We appreciate you guys more than I can even express. I wish we had filmed a special thank you video in advance, but with any luck we’ll be making one at Aki Con this weekend ;)

But, for now, thank you guys SO MUCH.

Please accept my face as a thank you gift for now


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