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Hi Lucas, im a pre-t pre-op transguy and im currently in my senoir year of high school and im planning/considering to continue my studies in Vancouver. Since my parents does not support me in my transition , i have to find a part time job so i could start on t. in my country there's no gender therapist or doctors who that can help me. from my dad , he said that its very hard to find a job in canada. im kinda worried about that because i dont really have the money. i know i have to work hard for that but its fine with me. is it really that hard to find a job there? is it hard to get on t? i apologize for my bad english. thanks for your time reading this. Ryan

Hey Ryan!

Good on your for being proactive in your transition. You know what you want and you’re working toward that, very admirable :)

Currently in Vancouver, the job market is tough. If you were a student looking for a part time job, there are sometimes on-campus jobs that are intended for students who need to work on the side. That may be an option to look into?

In Vancouver we have a transgender health clinic that has a program dedicated to transgender individuals. This is where I went for therapy and hormone readiness assessment. They offer primary care (meaning you can get your assessment done with a doctor there and they will oversee everything transition related with you) and they also offer things like group drop-ins and counselling. The waiting list can be long, I know it often takes them a while to call you back after you first call them.

I wish you the best Ryan, and your English is great, no worries!

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