Thank you for 100 000 Youtube Subscribers video is up! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! This is just a little shoutout from us

We just hit 100 000 Subscribers on Youtube

and I am floored. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating 50 000, then 80 000. 100 000 is larger than the population of a number of countries (I LOOKED IT UP XD) I can’t believe that your folks have stuck with us and our silly little videos. We’ve been doing what we love for 6 years now and putting it on camera, I never thought that doing that would make us one of the most subscribed to cosplay Youtube channels out there.

The support we’ve received over the years has been astounding, and I can’t thank every single one of you enough for being interested in our cosplays, our videos and our lives. We’re not amazing. We’re not the best. We’re just a bunch of wacky people who love the hobby and the creative/social experiences that it brings. Looking back from where we started I can retrospectively see that we’ve all come so far, and I feel that our videos reflect not just a growth in our cosplay/video work, but also our growth as people.

I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful cosplayers from around the world, and I continue to meet cosplayers every day. I learn something new from everyone I meet, wether they’re new to the hobby or a veteran. Everyone has a wealth of knowledge to offer and everyone’s work and contributions are valuable. Don’t ever feel that you are lesser or greater than another based a Youtube page or a Facebook like page. We are not defined by the numbers that register in our follower counts.

Thank you all so much. I’ll never be able to repay the support you’ve given us. And I’ll never stopped being flabbergasted by the fact that people even give a shit what we put up on the Internet at all. You’re all amazing :)

Expect some big projects coming up in celebration!! ;D

It’s up! “A Very Kuroshitsuji Christmas”. We missed Christmas, but it’s still the 12 Days of Christmas so that still counts right? RIGHT!? XD Happy Holidays everyone :)

Preview of the Black Butler Christmas video that’s uploading right now ;D should be up in a few hours

Preview of the Black Butler Christmas video that’s uploading right now ;D should be up in a few hours

People have been asking where our CMVs are and the answer is they’re mostly on Vimeo because Youtube really gets on our account’s ass for having copyright material. We can’t get away with anything it seems XD

This was our NaruHina CMV done as a commission for Nova’s “Pray for Japan” charity drive.